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Best Injury Attorney in Niagara County

Whether you were injured at a restaurant or at workplace, you are entitled to compensation for the loss, big or small. There are more than hundred types of personal injury situation in an environment, organization or entity that entitles the injured party for a dignified compensation. However, due to inadequate representation and lack of sources, people often fail to file the injury claim or just don't pursue it altogether.

That is where a personal injury attorney in Niagara County can help you. Alfonso Marra Bax Law has been in the legal business for 17 successful years and have won many injury claim cases for client both big and small.

Know Your Rights

The first step to winning an injury claim is to have the right representation. Whether you had an accident at work or lost your job due to some misunderstanding or lapse from the company, we can help you get the right compensation with 100% results. From inception through appeal, we will create a very strong case for you. We help people realise their rights when it comes to personal injury.

We handle a wide range of personal injury situations including but not restricted to:

  • Accidents At Home
  • Accidents at School Claims
  • Sexual And Physical Abuse Claims
  • Accidents Involving Children
  • Animal Attack Claims
  • Construction Industry Accident Claims
  • Dislocation Injury Compensation Claims
  • Food Poisoning Compensation
  • Accidents in Public Places
  • And more

How We Help Clients

When looking for an injury attorney in Niagara Country, it is important to choose the one with lots of experience in the field. We have handled tons of personal injury cases for the past 17 years. With the investigation into the claim, we can make a very strong case against the party. After a thorough analysis, screening and evaluating the merits of the situation, we gather evidence, witnesses, and proof and then finally prepare for the trail. All these steps are very thorough but fast.

We have access to the best doctors and medical specialists to help make the right injury compensation claims. When we make a claim on your behalf, you can rest assured that it will be a win-win situation for both of us.

Why Alfonso Marra Bax Law?

We have the best team working on injury cases from start to finish. With 17 years of experience, we can handle all kind of situations with ease and professional efficiency.

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